Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not much to blog about

I know its been a while since my last post but we've been a little busy and not with anything worth blogging about. Since I don't have much to blog about I thought I would share some pictures about some of the stuff I've already posted about.

This is Addison's favorite sleeping position. Collin likes this position too but he doesn't do it as much as Addison, you can find her like this just about every morning.

The girl loves her toes. Even when you're trying to feed her real food!

Sitting pretty all by myself!
Bryce has been fighting an ear infection in his right ear and congestion. He is on antibiotics now but still has his fussy moments.

This is Bryce before he was feeling bad and he was very messy at the time so excuse the clothes. He just cracks me up when he sticks out his tounge like this, I'm sure it won't be as cute when he is older but its kind of funny now.

Bryce sucking his bottom lip.

Collin is getting two top teeth for a total of four teeth now. He is not handling his top teeth as well as he did with the bottom two so we have had a lot of blow out diapers and a few fussy nights!

Collin is rolling all over the place now, he will roll and get caught under the couch or rocker and then he doesn't know what to do.

Even when he doesn't feel well he is still such a good baby!

I got a new Momma ride! We had to make the upgrade to a suburban and we are really enjoying it. The extra room is nice and the best part is I can finally ride in the back with the babies. We've had to make a couple of trips to Houston and it helped that I could sit in the back when they needed to be fed or calmed down.

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Jes said...

PRECIOUS pictures! Had us rolling! Congrats on the suburban...we love ours, too!