Monday, November 23, 2009

First fight over a toy

Here lately we seem to have a lot of play time on the floor. It is funny to watch all three of them together. Bryce still tries so hard to roll over, he is so close it is only a matter of time. Collin and Addison seem to be a little more interactive playing on the floor together. Collin's hand will end up in Addison's mouth or vice-versa. Saturday Addison was playing with her favorite toy, plastic keys, when Collin reached out and somehow got his hand through the ring of the keys. Addison continued to fight to get the keys to her mouth and Collin couldn't figure out why she was pulling on his arm. I don't think Collin ever realized he even had the keys but he was not happy with her.
This fight was cute but I'm sure we will have many more in the future that we won't think are so cute.

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The Maurer's said...

I smile only because I know what you are in for!