Sunday, November 8, 2009

5 months old

The babies are 5 months old today! They are really starting to get their own personalities and we just love them more and more everyday!
Addison loves to smile, watch mommy and daddy, and today she rolled over from her back to her tummy. Just this week she has found her voice and is finally talking. Her voice started out as this cute petite little girl voice but she is all girl and it quickly turned into a yell, like "hey pay attention to me"! It's still very cute and if I could figure out how to upload video's to the blog I could post her "talking". At the doctor this week she weighed 14lbs. (10lbs. more than her birth weight).
Bryce is a big boy and he is either in a really good mood or a really bad mood. He loves his swing, he cracks us up when he talks and rambles on and he can also give the cutest smiles. He can roll over to his side but his belly stops him from rolling over. He hates tummy time and will only stay on his belly for a short period of time. He has passed up his brother and sister and is now in 3-6 month clothes and he weighed 16 1/2 lbs. this week.
Collin is still our little guy but is definitely our fighter. He was the first to roll over from back to front and has rolled from his tummy to his back a few times. He loves his hands and is content just laying there sucking on his hands. He fights going to sleep but eventually wears himself out. When he is really tired he is a sweet little cuddle bug. He weighed exactly 10lbs. more than his birth weight and was 12lbs. 15oz.
This week we started feeding them more cereal and went back to feeding them by spoon. The doctor suggested we feed them breakfast and dinner so they get used to having three meals a day. For breakfast they have cereal with applesauce and another feeding of cereal in the evening. It has taken them a little time to get used to the consistency of the cereal but they are getting the hang of it. Since Bryce is a little bigger the doctor said we may need to add in some vegetables at lunch. We haven't tried it yet but will probably start that soon. We hope that this will help the sleeping through the night but so far no luck!


Jess said...

OH MY GOODNESS! They are getting so big!!! They are just DARLING and I love the new pics! What great little can see it in their sweet faces!

Kristie said...

Hey Adrienne! How are you? Your babies are gorgeous. Anyways I wanted to try & help you out on our videos ;-) If you aren't set up on your blog already to post via email then go to your settings then email & mobile and set that up. Then you can email small video clips to your blog. After you email depending on your settings they will either show up right away or you'll have to go to your blog & publish them. Hope that helps. Take care

Kristie Brunette-Manley