Monday, August 17, 2009

I've been waiting to make a post because I didn't want to jinx things but the past three nights the babies have slept 6-7 hours. The extra sleep has been wonderful for Steven and I, we are keeping our fingers crossed that we continue to be so lucky. This weekend has been very busy so that may have helped with the new sleeping pattern. Our busy weekend started Friday with a doctors appointment Friday morning. Dr. Draehn was very impressed with how healthy the babies are and they have all gained so much weight. Bryce is now 10 lbs., Addison is 9 lbs. 2 oz., and Collin is 8 lbs. 4 oz. After our doctors appointment we went to Steven's school to introduce the babies to some of the teachers and that night we went to Shelby's graduation party (WHOOP!). Congrats Shelby and Andy on your graduation and engagement we are so happy for you! Saturday we had a birthday party for Austin and Avery Maurer, we showed up early because I miss read the invitation and didn't leave until the babies started to get a little fussy. Happy Birthday A&A we can't wait for our little ones to turn 3 and be able to run and play with you!

Each baby recieved 3 shots and had to drink 1 medication. Below are the pictures I took right after they recieved their shots. Everyone did pretty good and only cried for a few mintues.




The Haseltine's said...

Looking good! Dr. Draehn was my ped. too! :)

Yeah for extra sleep!!!

Kara said...

Hi Adrienne. I love reading your blog and watching your babies grow. It brings back so many memories!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures of the shots. Mine just got their shots and loved to see your babies getting theirs...definitely brings back memories. You're doing great!!~Jennifer