Monday, August 31, 2009

Crazy Sunday

Our Sunday was going to be a little more eventful than normal because I planned to take pictures and I knew that would be a lot for the babies to handle. Well little did I realize our day turned out to be pretty tiring for Steven and I too. The day started out like normal with an early morning feeding. After that I decided to do a "quick" load of laundry to wash the babies swaddle blankets before we took pictures. Well "quick" turned into the washer over flowing, flooding our garage, bathroom and part of our closet. So instead of preparing for pictures we were mopping up water! Good news is our washer is not broke (although I'm afraid its on its last leg). We were still able to take pictures which proved to be very tiring for the babies and us. We had some wonderful help from Christie and Debbie who where very patient with our trio! I haven't had time to go through the pictures yet but I hope to post pictures soon.


Jess said...

OH NO! What a mess! Can't wait to see the pics...I may have to steal some of your ideas. :) Thanks again for the advice today. It's been a very pleasant evening and we're hoping for a quiet night. ;)

Jennifer said...

Definitely a crazy day...your washer is getting a workout and I guess it doesn't like it! Can't wait to see pics of your beautiful babies. ~Jennifer (Our washer did the same thing a couple of times, it never gave out but our dryer bit the dust so we opted for a new front loader and matching them!!)