Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No news is good news!

Besides the fact that I'm growing very quickly we have no new news. We are very excited about our appointment this week (Friday) with the high risk doctor. This is the appointment that we will hopefully find out the sex of the babies :) It will be a 3 hour ultrasound to measure each baby's organs, etc. so I'm not looking forward to the long appointment. But the bright side is it will give us time if one baby is not showing us their business hopefully they will move around enough to get an accurate indication of who they are!!!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and your sweety treated you extra special! My sweet husband surprised me, we usually don't do gifts but he picked out three little stuffed teddy bears each one from a different baby. He said he knew that the babies would want to get me something. The fact that he thought of this on his own made it even more special. That night we went out to eat on a group date and had a great time.

To:Mom From:Baby A, Baby B, & Baby C

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Alicia said...

too cute!!! well hopefully you'll find out soon what those little boogers are...can't wait to hear and hope everything looks good in the ultrasound!!!