Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Toddler Beds

We finally did it! The kids figured out how to crawl out of their cribs a long time ago and we kept them in their cribs by using crib tents. They recently figured out how to unzip those and would crawl in each others beds and play so we figured it was time to make the move to toddler beds. They have been in their toddler beds for about a week and we are having trouble keeping them in their toddler beds, so we need HELP! How did you keep your child in bed when you made the move from a crib to a bed? Keep in mind there are 3 of them, we've tried laying with them but someone is always left out and we have whining and crying "lay with me". Just not sure what we should do???
Their reaction to seeing their new beds!
Bryce snuggled in his new bed
Collin in his new bed
Addison, excited about her new bed!
Night, Night, sleep tight!
We may do some rearranging once I figure out the decor but for now this is what their new room looks like.
And this is what happens when they won't stay in their beds!
We need HELP!

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