Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sea World

We continued to celebrate the kids birthday through out the weekend by taking them to Sea World.
The Siemsglusz Family at Sea World
We convinced Granny, Papa, Aunt Dee, Dalton, and Brandon to come along and enjoy the fun!
Bryce, Collin and Addison watching the dolphins
They all thought this was pretty cool so we came home with three of these, in a stuffed animal size of course!
Addison relaxing and eating her lunch during the Elmo show, such a big girl!
Collin loved the shows and was very attentive. During the Azul show he watched carefully and when the people would jump from way up high he would cover his eyes.
Bryce loved the rides and the water!
The kids rode their first farris wheel
And Daddy got to ride his first roller coaster!

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