Monday, October 24, 2011


We went to the homecoming parade last week and came home with enough candy to keep our kids on a sugar high for a week or more! Collin enjoyed running for the candy and filling his bag, even with the pushing and shoving from the "big" kids. He waved at the floats and would jump up and down when he got a piece of candy to put in his bag. Bryce and Addison were happy sitting back and letting their cousins fill their bags with candy.
Collin waving
Bryce sitting back digging through his candy
Waiting for the floats with our cousins and the Janner triplets 
Addison sitting with Myrna

Friday night we sat under the lights of the football field to watch the cubs win! I can't say that Addison and Bryce sat much, they prefered to move from one person to the next until the homecoming court took the field. Addison sat and watched them take the field and told me "pretty"! Collin on the other hand sat and watched most of the game, he occasionally changed laps but stayed focused on the field. He would cheer and get excited when the cubs scored and when the band came out he said "march". 
Grandpa and Collin watching the game
Addison on her sugar high!
Bryce with Karla
Thanks Karla & Sue for helping keep our little ones entertained and we hope you didn't miss too much of the game!

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