Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cupcakes and more cupcakes!

This week we had the kids school fundraiser and all of the parents are asked to help by bringing something for the bake sale. The frisky frogs parents were asked to bring 1 dozen homemade cupcakes per child so that meant we needed 3 dozen homemade cupcakes. I had big plans to make cute homemade frog cupcakes until I realized I just didn't have that kind of time. When I got home at 6:30pm Wednesday evening I started making our cupcakes and by 11:00pm that night, with the help of Steven, Alan and Myrna, we had them individually placed on plates and wrapped with celophane. By 9:00pm I was questioning why I didn't do what any good mother would do and just buy cupcakes and wrap them. Thursday was the fundraiser and I drop the kids and their cupcakes off in the drive thru (the cars behind me probably wondered if I would ever stop unloading kids and boxes of cupcakes). There are lots of advantages and disadvantages to having multiples but I would say this is one of those times that it requires a lot of extra work on our part and our life can be a little overwhelming! A big THANKS to Steven, Alan and Myrna for helping me get this done, with out them who knows what time I would have finished!
3 dozen homemade cupcakes
All wrapped and ready to be sold!

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