Sunday, September 18, 2011


It's Washington County Fair time and that means lots of animals, carnival food, and the lights and sounds of the carnival rides. We made an attempt at going to the fair on Wedenesday but after we had a blow out on the wagon we had a change of plans and went Saturday instead. The wagon worked perfect for our bags and keeping the kids contained so I'm glad we waited until our wagon tire was fixed! The kids enjoyed looking at the animals and eating fair food. The frisbee dog show was a big hit with the kids, they had front row seats standing along the short fence and they clapped and laughed at the dogs tricks. They were a little affraid of the animals in the petting zoo but quickly petted a few of the animals before we left. We watched the crazy tractor races and walked through the carnival. Their faces were frozen in shock of all the rides and sounds, Bryce stuck his fingers in his ears as we walked through the carnival and said it was loud. I asked several times if they wanted to ride a ride and all they did was stare at the rides, I'm sure we will be dragging them away from the rides in a few years!  
All three got to pet the rabbits and thought it was funny
Watching the tractor races
In awe of the carnival
Having a little fair food with Uncle Jon 
Front row for the frisbee dog show 
My boys
With the really big dog
Collin petting a pig
Addison and Collin having fun in the petting zoo 
Bryce trying to keep his distance from the animals

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