Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday School

I am ashamed to admit that over the last two years we have not attended church on a regular basis. Not that we haven't tried but when they were smaller it was either feeding time, nap time or we just needed our sleep. Needless to say getting three kids under the age of two to behave and sit still in church didn't provide us with a spiritual feeling and just left us stressed. Even though we haven't attended church like we would like we have tried our best to instill our religious values in our children by teaching them to be kind to others and to say their prayers. Sending them to a religious school was also important to help teach them Gods love. Now that they are two they are able to attend Sunday School for the first time. Steven and I went along and enjoyed seeing them interact with others.
The family before opening service
Addison sitting with Daddy listening to the story
Collin enjoyed the songs in opening service 
When Mr. Mueller asked for a helper Collin ran to sit next to him. Can you tell he is listening intently!
It was a big class of 2 and 3 year olds!

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