Friday, July 22, 2011

Splashway Waterpark

With three 2 year olds we didn't make any extravagant summer plans but wanted to get out of the house and do something fun. Yesterday we made a day trip to Splashway Waterpark, its only about an hour drive and its ideal for toddlers and young children. The kids started out slow but quickly figured out how much fun the slides could be. Collin was the only hesitant one, he reluctantly went down each slide once but he enjoyed his time splashing in the water. Bryce and Addison were very independent and would run to the top to go again even cutting in front of older kids and getting away with it!

Just getting our feet wet!

Addison coming down the little slide
Bryce coming down the little slide
Collin coming down the little slide
Collin explaining how he made a big splash
Before long they were racing each other to the slide
Grandpa showing the kids how its done
Daddy making a splash
Addison running through the water
Grandpa came along and was a big help
Bryce coming down the big slide with Addison close behind him
"That was fun"
Collin a little nervous about going down the slide
They climbed these stairs probably 50+ times
Bryce coming out the tunnel, can you see the excitement on his face?
Bryce would stop on the stairs and yell "Momma" to make sure we were watching
Collin content just splashing around in the water
and relaxing with daddy!

Daddy, Collin, Bryce, Grandpa, Mommy, and  Addison

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mimi said...

Oh my gosh these are such sweet moments. Those little details with each picture are so special. Your kids are going to love reading them and looking at each photo when they are older. I have 3 boys and I'm obsessed with taking their picture for that reason. LOL