Monday, January 17, 2011

19 Months Old

Last week Addison, Bryce and Collin turned 19 months old and its hard to believe that soon we will be planning yet another birthday party for them.
Just before their 19 month birthday we went to see Dr. Draehn for our well check up and shots. We also got an update on weights, heights, and percentiles.
Weight 22lbs -20%tile
Height 31 1/4in -40%tile
Addison loves peas and will eat them double fisted. She is a mother hen and makes sure the boys have food, drinks or toys. She is a momma's girl and wants to be with me even around the house. 

Weight 27lbs -70%tile
Height 33in -70%tile
Bryce likes tomatoes even though Addison and Collin won't touch them. He is either in a really good mood or he can be a grouch when he is tired or hungry, but who isn't! Most of the time he is pretty layed back and will go with the flow.

Weight 22lbs -10%tile
Height 32in -40%tile
Collin likes avocados and ate a whole avocado by himself. He has learned what time out is and as a result has not bit as much lately (fingers crossed)! He is very possessive over his cozy coupe.
We had family over on the 7th to watch the Cotton Bowl Game. It wasn't the outcome we hoped for but look at these cute cousins having fun!

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