Monday, July 26, 2010

Our loss is Heaven's gain

Today we lost a very special lady, Grandma Siemsglusz. She was an amazing woman who we all loved and will miss dearly! I can only imagine the things she experienced in her 96 years of life. She loved her family but she also cared for others and volunteered at the hospital and hospice boutique. Even into her 90's she was still driving and doing her volunteer work. She was a wonderful artist and enjoyed painting. She also had a passion for swimming and traveling the world. Her mind was sharp and she could remember every little detail (and I have trouble remembering something I did last week). She could do crossword puzzles in record time and she would read several books in one day. She also amazed me by her emotional & physical strength, if she was sad, mad, angry, hurt or in pain your rarely knew it. Grandma Siemsglusz taught us a lot by her actions and I only hope to teach my children and hopefully one day grandchildren the strength, love, confidence, respect, and talents she showed all of us. 

Luckily we have shared many wonderful memories with Grandma Siemsglusz and we will treasure these moments for many years to come. About a month ago we took all three babies to visit Grandma and have lunch with her in the nursing home. Grandma was proud of our babies and she wanted to show off the triplets to all of her friends. The babies didn't disappoint and put on a show for everyone. It was a great day and we have the pictures to prove it.   
Four Generations of Siemsglusz's
Alan and Bryce, Grandma and Collin, Steven and Addison

Grandma Siemsglusz was recently hospitalized and we had several good visits with her before she passed but I hope to always remember the smile on Grandma's face when she watched the babies playing behind the curtains and running around her room. Bryce our charmer really made Grandma's day when he reached out for her and gave her a kiss, Collin patted her hand and Addison gave her kisses.
Grandma holding Addison at 1 month old
Grandma holding a sleepy Bryce at 3 months old
Grandma holding Collin at 5 months old
Grandma holding Addison at 5 months old

Rest In Peace Grandma Siemsglusz!

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