Thursday, July 8, 2010

13 Months Old

Bryce, Addison and Collin
I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep up my monthly picture routine after 1 year but I kind of like looking back at the pictures and seeing how they change each month. I decided if I could get a picture of all three I would. I took these pictures last night when we celebrated Brandon (my nephew's) birthday.

At 13 Months Old they play so well together and keep each other occupied but they also have moments that they are fighting over a toy. They will wave bye bye when you tell them "bye bye". Their favorite game is hide 'n seek and will crack up laughing when they hide behind the curtains or chair. They have also learned to crawl on and off their riding toys but most of the time sit on them backwards. This is what they are individually doing now:

has learned to pull out her earrings
likes to put things to her ear like she is talking on the phone
will throw a fit if someone tries to take her from her mommy
does not like to ride in her car seat
loves fruit
weighs about 20 lbs.

Update on Addison: her CMV test came back negative so she does not have the virus and we are back to square one in figuring out a diagnosis.

is getting three new top teeth
has started to take a few steps
is crawling out the door just as soon as it is opened
is so friendly and will crawl up to a stranger if they will hold him
weighs about 25 lbs.

is talking more and has such a quiet, soft voice
will clap when you say "yea"
can still play and entertain himself for a long time
likes to throw food on the floor (and he will make sure you are watching when he does it)
weighs about 19 lbs.

We also got to meet Kathy, John, and Les (my Aunt, Cousin and Uncle) for the first time. They live in Virgina so it was great to see them and introduce them to our threesome!

Happy 4th Birthday Brandon!!!!

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Deb Tackett said...

I'm so glad you're keeping up on this! They are beautiful!!! I can't wait for the next 3....KIDDING!!
You know you're blessed so the only thing I can say is ENJOY! I don't regret any moment I was able to stay home with mine when they were babies! And it pays off in so many positive ways as they grow up. FaMiLy!