Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Weather

We have had some much needed rain the past few days but it has also made it a little cooler outside to take the babies out for some fresh air. On Friday I took the babies for a little walk in the limo stroller. Bryce, Addison, and Collin in the stroller.

We've also spent some time outside on our new swing set. The Maurer's have three little ones who have out grown their infant swings and they have so graciously loaned them to us. The babies love their indoor swings and I'm sure they will enjoy the outdoor swings just as much! Thanks Austin, Avery, and Caleb. Now if I could figure out how to make the swing set battery powered like the indoor ones.Addison, Bryce, and Collin


The Schramm Clan said...

They are getting so big! I had to do a double take on the limbo stroller!

Amber and Jeramie Zelenka said...

I bet they are enjoying to be outdoors. They are getting so big. Love the swings also.

Susie Machemehl said...

Hello Siemsglusz Family!
I love your blog, and it is so good to see you guys! I'm living in McKinney, Texas, and Kate, Bobby, and Millie live just up the hill from my house! Lots of fun being close to Millie.
The triplets are so cute....and you two look great! Thanks for posting on your blog for all of us to see!
Susie M