Monday, October 12, 2009

Aggie Football & Grandparents

We bundled up and made another trip to tailgate at the aggie football game. We even attempted to bring the babies up to the stadium this time to watch the flyover before the game. The lead pilot was a very good friend of our family, Lt. Tim Soeken, so we were very excited to see him fly over Kyle Field. After the long hike up to the stadium the weather had other plans and the fly over was canceled. After that was cancelled we quickly got the babies back to Mom & Dad's motorhome and hung out indoors to watch the game. We did get some good pictures while at the stadium so I thought I would share.

The rest of the weekend was spend with my grandma & grandpa Schwartz and my Aunt Kathy & Uncle Larry. We were very excited to see them and introduce them to the babies. My grandpa is still recovering from major surgery so we were thankful that he made the 7 hour trip without too much pain.

Grandma with Bryce and Addison.
Grandma holding Bryce, Adrienne holding Addison, Grandpa holding Collin
Aunt Kathy with a sleepy Addison
Grandpa making Collin laugh!

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Amber and Jeramie Zelenka said...

Looks like y'all had a great family filled weekend.