Monday, September 14, 2009

My Boys

Yesterday was the first day of NFL Sunday which is like a holiday in our house, at least in my husband mind. The day was made even better because Direct TV had the NFL package on for free. For those of you that do not know what the NFL package is you can get every NFL game there is. So of course we didn't miss a game yesterday and at one point we had 8 games on at the same time. Now my husband is spoiled and wanting the NFL package but unless we win the lottery we will not be spending the $300 or $400, that could buy a lot of diapers.

My boys watching football!


Jess said...

LOVE that pic!!! I am dying for Jake to be big enough for his Bumbo chair. :) We were stoked for football, too. Jake and I are going to take a pic every game day with our jerseys on. :) Gotta love that NFL package...especially when it's FREE!

Zelenka's Bunch said...

They are so cute and getting so big.We enjoy our bumbo too and the dallas cowboys in our house.