Monday, June 23, 2008

We love Muleshoe, TX!!!!

Well Steven and I are now in Muleshoe, Tx! Steven took a summer job working hail claims and we were sent to Muleshoe last Friday. For those of you that don't know, Muleshoe is located north of Lubbock and about 30 miles from Clovis, NM. The most exciting thing about this town is the world's largest mule shoe(see attached photo, I know you will be amazed)! We have only been here for four days and we have already seen several storms that are nothing like the storms we would see in Brenham. On the drive up here we encountered a dust storm with 65mph winds and hail. I thought Steven was going to turn around and head back to Brenham but we sat at a gas station for two hours and let it pass. Other than the storms Muleshoe is not a very exciting town. The hotel is a dump and our choice of restaurants are limited to a McD's, a homestyle restaurant, and pizza. I don't even like shopping at Walmart but there is not even a Walmart in Muleshoe, its 30 minutes away in Clovis. But looking at the bright side at least we aren't spending everything we make. We do plan to come home for a few days while I have my surgery Thursday. We are hoping that both of us will get to come back after that but it will depend on what my doctor says. I'll keep you posted on where we are next!

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Coty said...

That is crazy...just today I have been posting claim checks for claims in the muleshoe area!! Love your blog....Also, good luck with sugery and keep me posted on how everything goes!

Until then, Enjoy Muleshoe, TX!!