Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our trip to the Big Easy!

Last week was my parents last week in New Orleans so we took a trip to visit and take in the sites! This was my first trip to New Orleans. Steven has been before but this was the first time he was able to take in some of the sites besides the French Quarter. Since my parents have been there for a while they were able to show us some of the areas of the city that are still not rebuilt, it is really sad and amazing that the water got that high. Other than that we took a dinner cruise on the Steamboat Natchez, went on a swamp tour, and visited the Oak Alley Plantation (beautiful trees). We of course did a little gambling, I won't say how much I won or how much Steven lost! The French Quarter was definitely an eye opener and a little stinky too! We saw several movies being filmed, too bad we didn't see any real movie stars up close. We also took a quick trip to Biloxi, MS one day while dad met with a client. We spent some time at the Beau Rivage and drove along the beach.

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