Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cowboys and Cowgirl

Our cowboys and cowgirl were so excited for their rodeo today!
A sweet picture of Addison and Collin
Cowboy Collin
Everyday this week Collin would wake up and ask "Is today our rodeo?" This morning we told him "today is the rodeo and you get to wear your boots" and he grinned from ear to ear yelling with excitement. Such a big day for a little Frisky Frog!
Handsome Bryce
He had so much fun during the rodeo and really enjoyed the stick horse races despite a minor fall. He picked himself right up, kept smiling and continued to ride his horse to the finish line! 
Pretty Addison
She said her favorite was the wagon races!
I love to see Bryce so happy!
Brotherly Love
Wagon Races
Addison was serious about her stick horse race

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