Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Literacy Night at BES

I bravely took 6 kids to family literacy night at Steven's school. The moment we walked in the door the kids (mainly Collin and Addison) started screaming because they saw Clifford the Big Red Dog. Collin and Addison began clinging to me and holding me tight in fright of the Big Red Dog. I tried to explain that it was just Daddy and began to walk closer. It didn't calm anyone's fears! Eventually they understood that it was Daddy but weren't really happy about it. I did get a few pictures with the Big Red Dog but you can see by the pictures that the kids weren't too sure about it. 
Adrienne, Collin, Bryce, Clifford aka Steven, Tegan, Colton, Addison, and Brandon
A family picture
Collin getting a ride
Addison with her matching cupcake
Bryce taking a BIG bite!

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