Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started a little quiet with Collin coming straight to our room not even noticing the loot that Santa had delivered! He eventually got up to go to the restroom and that's when his eye caught a glimpse of the tree and presents. He started screaming Santa came, Addison, Bryce come look, Santa brought us presents. Before you knew it, it was a house full of paper, toys, and three very excited little kids!
Santa did not disappoint Christmas morning and spoiled the kids with lots of presents under the tree! 

Addison asked Santa for a necklace, a heart and a bracelet and Christmas morning she was happy to open her heart necklace and bracelet. 
Bryce asked Santa for a guitar and Santa delivered just that. He has put on several concerts ever since.
Collin asked Santa for an Aggie Football helmet and Santa brought the helmet and the entire football uniform!
He was one very happy little boy!
He has rarely taken the uniform off since Christmas morning, he even sleeps in it. Thankfully we have kept him from wearing it to school or out in public!
Collin opening another present!
Bryce excited about another present!
Addison was really excited about her new baby doll and baby stroller!
The aftermath of an exciting Christmas morning!

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