Friday, November 23, 2012

Reunited with Grandpa

It's pretty rare that we go a week without seeing Grandpa but when Grandpa got sick recently we kept our distance. After two weeks of being sick with some sort of infection Grandpa ended up in the hospital in critical care for about two weeks. The infection did some damage to Grandpa's heart and he had to have one surgey to make his heart beat better. He's finally home so we can see him but the doctors are still trying to make him better. He has medicine going in his arm and we took Grandpa to see his doctor the other day. When the doctor says the infection is all gone Grandpa will have to have another surgey on his heart. We are just happy we get to see Grandpa again but we hope Grandpa gets all better soon!
Reunited with Grandpa
While Grandpa was in the hospital Mommy and Daddy were able to go see him but we couldn't go to the hospital so we got to spend time with friends and family. We had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures that we texted Mommy and Daddy so they could show Grandpa.
Having dinner at Aunt Dee's
And building forts with Tegan and Brandon
We had dinner with Emmie and Ashton then went to a football game
We spent the day wearing out these big kids.
Sara, Christopher, Catherine and Megan
And made a video for Grandpa!

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