Monday, September 24, 2012


We were excited about taking the kids to tailgate and watching the band march in at the first Aggie game of the season. Instead as we walked through the crowds Addison gets sick and throws up all over Granny, after a change of clothes we thought she was fine. We continued on and as we were waiting on the band to march in she starts round number two! By this time we realize she is really sick, Steven's patience are getting slim and I was on the verge of tears from the stress, it was time to get out of there! On the way home we made several stops to let Addison do her thing and that was the start of the stomach bug hitting our clan. The last two weeks we have been fighting the virus, ear infections, cough, congestion, you name it. We are hoping everyone is well by this weekend so we can try the game day thing again, tailgate and watch the Aggies BTHO Arkansas!
This is the only picture I got from the day and it was taken as we were waiting on the band to march in.

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