Friday, August 24, 2012

Our little piggy bank!

Its been a while since I've had time to sit down and blog but I have to back up a few weeks and include a story about our little piggy bank!

Two weeks ago I was getting ready for an interview when Collin comes to me saying he has something in his mouth. Well I look thinking its a piece of hair or something but don't see anything, I told him he was fine and told him to go play. He continues to tell me something is in his mouth but won't tell me what, I couldn't see anything so I just left him alone for a while. He then lays on the floor with his blankie and I thought this isn't like him, something really must be wrong. Finally I hear him mummble "I can't get daddy's monies out". That's when I start putting it all together, he had money earlier and I bet he put it in his mouth! When I tell him I have to call the doctor and he starts crying "no, I don't have daddy's monies". Okay so did he or didn't he put money in his mouth. I call the doctors office and of course they want me to bring him in, although I was concerned about my child I'm also thinking really, does this have to happen today, I have an interview! We get him to the clinic and get an x-ray and sure enough he swallowed a coin. After waiting a week for the coin to come out I call the clinic again to say we haven't seen anything. Another x-ray was done and it was gone so it's still a mystery what he actually swallowed (quarter, dime, nickel or penny?) The good new is I still made it to my interview and got the job (teaching 3rd grade math).

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