Monday, April 2, 2012

Bluebonnet Pictures 2012

It's been difficult to get pictures of our trio lately but I still wanted pictures in the bluebonnets. We went after church and the kids complained that "its to bright" and "it hurts my eyes" so we thought we would try again later. We made it back right before sun down, shortly after we started taking pictures a train came along and the kids got scared. The train wasn't that close but it caused a big distraction. We were still able to snap a few pictures that turned out decent. HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!

Scared of the train!
Bryce covered his ears and kept saying "it loud", it took us a while to convince him to put his hands down. Addison and Collin cried!

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Tikaa Cone said...

How great to have you all on the block. You make raising three look so easy.
Your blog is precious.

Success and smiles,