Friday, March 9, 2012

Frisky Frog News

I have to admit when I heard the class would be sending home a weekly newsletter with things the kids say I was a little worried! The first week there were few words: 
Addison said, "My Mommy!"
Bryce said, "My Daddy!"
Collin said, "A puppy dog at home!"
(Several of the kids mentioned their dog's and animals so I don't know if this was a peer presure statement or if he was talking about the many puppy dogs in our neighborhood).

They talk so much at home I was a little shocked with their limited statements! As the weeks have gone on they have slowly said a little more. In this weeks news:
Collin said, "I put my boots on and play guitars!"
Addison said, "I wear my boots!"
Bryce said, "I eat snack!"
This weeks statements definitely showed each of their personalities a little better and made me laugh!

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