Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Changes in the Siemsglusz Household

The Siemsglusz household will soon be experiencing many changes. I will be going back to teaching at Krause Elementary School as a math interventionist, so my time as a stay at home mom is quickly coming to an end. Since getting the job I've experienced every emotion possible, happy, sad, anxious, nervous, excited, etc. On one hand I'm very excited about my new job (especailly since the terrible two's are in full swing) but on the other hand I am really going to miss being at home and spending this time with our precious children (just typing the words makes me teary-eyed)! Once we get our routine figured out I know it will be fine. There may be a lot of tears shed the first week, by me probably not the kids, but it is what is best for all of us. I will have a plate full with a full time teaching job, a part time real estate buisness and still being a mom but it impowers me knowing I can do it all! Steven's reality will have some major changes as well since he will no longer be able to wake up 20 mintues before he has to be at work and he will probably no longer come home to a cooked dinner (not that he always does).  He will now be helping with morning routines and even more daily chores. The kids will begin pre-school at St. Pauls which will begin Aug. 22. They will be Frisky Frogs and we are excited that they will have Mrs. Schmidt as a teacher. I look forward to the things they will learn and the friends they will make. Last week each of them got a letter from their teacher welcoming them to the frisky frog class.

We all look forward to this next chapter in our lives and we hope the transition is as smooth as possible!

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Jess said...

SO excited for you guys! You will do great and so will the kids. Fun times ahead!!!